Dutch Tax

Dutch Tax Form for EU-residents (non-Dutch)


  • You were employed on a board Dutch flagged vessel during the last year and/or;
  • You received a Dutch Employment Contract where Taxes and Social Security were deducted.

C Form 2018

If you are a non-resident taxpayer, have received an ‘invitation to file a tax return’ and/or do not make use of the online tax return for non-resident taxpayers, you can use a C form to file a tax return.

You should use a C Form if you do not file your tax return in digital form and if one or more of the following situations applied to you in 2018:

  • You lived outside the Netherlands throughout 2018 (this does not apply to government employees stationed abroad).
  • You were liable to pay tax and/or national insurance contributions in the Netherlands in 2018.

Apply for a C Form 2018

+31 55 538 53 85: Tax Information Line for Non-resident Tax Issues (calling from abroad)

Calling from the Netherlands: (055) 5 385 385

Monday through Thursday: 8.00 – 20.00 hours. Friday: 8.00 – 17.00 hours.

  • Please state your Citizen Service Number.


You should, however, bear in mind that you will also have to send a personal income statement if you want to be regarded as a qualifying non-resident taxpayer.



Select the Personal Income Statement in the table below. Fill in the form ‘Personal Income Statement eligible foreign taxpayer’ for the year for which you want to file a tax return, print it out and have it signed by the Tax and Customs Administration in your country of residence.

Send the completed and signed form to:

Tax and Customs Administration/Department of International Issues.
PO BOX 2577
6401 DB Heerlen
The Netherlands

Please note!

You should preferably send the Personal Income Statement simultaneously with your tax return to the above mentioned Dutch Tax Authority. If this is not possible, you should already send your tax return. In that case, you do not need to request a postponement for filing your tax return. You should then as yet send in the personal income statement after having filed the tax return.

If you do not, the Dutch Tax Authority will consider you to be a non-qualifying non-resident taxpayer. You will then be sent an assessment without the same deductible items, tax credits and tax-free allowance as residents of the Netherlands. The Dutch Tax Authority will contact you about this.

This table shows the translations from the Personal Income Statement (form) and the explanation that goes with the form in all EU languages, for Norway and Iceland.