About us


Mariteam Personnel Services B.V. is a recruitment and employment agency in The  Netherlands. We are a specialist in recruiting permanent or temporarily staff for maritime jobs. Mariteam has supplied international, skilled staff to the maritime and dredging industries for over fifteen years now. By doing this very solidly and adequately, we offer maritime employers freedom and continuity.

Specific qualifications of maritime employment

To both employers and employees, we are renowned as a qualified point of contact. We know our way around the maritime sector, and the specific qualifications of each and every maritime job. By selecting very carefully, we manage to find the right person for any job. Over the years, we have expanded our expertise into other sectors, such as the towage and workboat industry and the (merchant) shipping industry.

Open and trustworthy

Mariteam was founded by Cor Wennekes in 2002. Already back then, this ‘shore captain’ had 33 years of working experience in the recruitment of maritime personnel. He knew the maritime branch and its employment issues like no other. By working transparent and trustworthy, and by keeping in touch with his clients, Cor Wennekes has built the Mariteam foundation, that is still rock solid today.

Monitoring quality

Continuously, we are aiming to take our services’ quality to the highest level. And to keep it there. We are achieving this by obtaining certifications, and through memberships of trade organizations (such as VCU and ILO).