Temporary employment and detachment

Mariteam exclusively delivers carefully selected, qualified personnel. Employees with ”valid” documents who know what is expected from them. By taking good care of them, we try to maintain, and where possible to improve, the motivation of our personnel. If, after a wile, you would like to offer one of our temporary employees a contract with your company, this is always negotiable.


Selection & recruitment

Our consultants have a lot of experience in selection and recruitment of personnel in the maritime branch. In case you have a vacancy, and you need someone on short notice, you can always contact Mariteam. We can take care of the whole recruitment process for you, such as ad placement, pre-selection, handling responses etc. We are always willing to look for suitable candidates in our database. Also for "land based vacancies”.



We’re devoted to take and maintain the quality of our services to the highest possible level. We attempt to achieve this through memberships of trade organizations and certification (VCU and MLC).