A job for you ?

The maritime branch is a very special kind of work. The work is varied and sometimes even adventurous, so if you make the choice to work in this branch, you may get the opportunity to see the world. At Mariteam we have consultants with years of experience in the maritime branch. That’s why they can help you with finding “the right job at the right place”. Often you’re free to choose which place, which vessel and which employer you want to work for.
The beauty of working for Mariteam is that you decide when and for how long “short term or long term” you want to work. It’s not always possible to arrange things exactly as you want, but we will try to do so, as much as possible. We continuously get requests from all kind of companies for good and hardworking personnel for projects in The Netherlands or anywhere else in the world.

Salary and secondary working conditions

At Mariteam it’s all about you. That’s why we offer you a good salary and excellent working conditions, such as
- pension insurance
- health and accident insurance

(Importance of) Safety First

For Mariteam, the wellbeing of her personnel and safety on the job is important, so if you start working for us, Mariteam will provide, whenever possible, good safety equipment to you. You get a bag with safety equipment, like an overall, T-shirts, safety glasses, safety shoes and special hearing protectors. You need to wear these, because of the strict safety regulations on board or on a job site. Of course we don’t charge you for these items, but we do trust you would where them on behalf of Mariteam for a reasonable length of time.

Education and career opportunities

If you decide, you want to work for Mariteam, we can help you with various education opportunities. Working for Mariteam means that you gain a lot of experience on different vessels and you get to work for different companies. With this experience you will get more chances on the job market. Consider Mariteam as an opportunity to increase your possibilities. Maybe you like working for Mariteam so much, you want to keep on working for us, based on a permanent employment contract. We wouldn’t be surprised if you do!