About Mariteam

Mariteam Personnel Services B.V. is a recruitment and employment agency that is specialized in supplying good skilled personnel to companies in the maritime branch, in particular in the dredging and shipping industry.


About the director

“De Binnenvaartkrant” (a maritime newspaper) interviewed the person behind Mariteam, Cor Wennekes. Cor is an enthusiastic, driven person with a lot of years of experience in the maritime branch. If you want to know more about this ”shore captain”, in the text below you can read all about his background, his company vision and his company philosophy.
Mariteam Personnel Services B.V. is located on De Linie 5G in Capelle aan den IJssel. From a beautiful office and supported by his colleagues, Cor manages his network of companies and candidates. The list is long on both sides, so both sides have a lot of opportunities to find the right candidate or the right employer.
Cor knows the branch like no other. Before he started Mariteam he worked as a personnel manager at the dredging company “Volker Stevin”. In 1996 he exchanged that job for a job at an employment agency, equally specialized in the recruitment of maritime personnel.


Continues process

Since April 1, 2002, and with more than 33 years of experience, Mariteam Personnel Services B.V. recruits, selects and places professional employees for various companies, a never ending process.
Cor : “I am convinced that, if you treat the companies and the employees fair and in a correct manner, they like working with / for you. This means that you have to pay the employees on time, but you also need to be there for them, if something is wrong. The employee also needs to get his / her protective equipment and attend courses. if you, as an agency, are prepared to contribute to this, you get rewarded in the form of “Goodwill”.
Despite the remark “this is the quiet time of the year”, the telephone rings constantly. Cor Wennekes picks up the phone and switches from Dutch into English to speak to an Indonesian man on the phone. When he puts the phone down, he tells me that Mariteam also has people working in Brazil, but most of all they work with Dutch people or with people who are in Holland on a temporary basis.
Mariteam gets a lot of requests for good personnel. Cor says that working through an employment agency has a lot of advantages. People have a certain freedom, they can decide where, when and for how long they want to work. ”We’ll listen to every individual wish and try to put the right man on the right job”.



Mariteam distinguishes herself special through quality. This means, making careful selections and trying to get the right person on the right job, professionals that know their trade. Cor Wennekes believes it’s important to keep up a good communication with the employers and employees. He says that he’s very trustworthy and open, he’s straight to the point and motivated to do his job to the best of his ability. The phone rings again. Cor asks the person on the other end of the line about his work experience and asks him to send him his documents. He continues : because of my experience in this branch I always know what kind of questions I have to ask the people. When I talk to an AB, I will pose different questions than when I’m talking to a captain. But, he says, I respect them both equally.
With Mariteam Cor sees a future full ambition. He has the ambition to become a player on this market with a good reputation with whom one wants to do business. Mouth to mouth adverts are a guarantee for quality.